Musings about the Cubs

September 20, 2003

So, as good as the Cubs have done this year, I have some ideas to improve the team further for next year. With the trades made this year, the Cubs have some options for next year, here are my thoughts:

Drop Alou and move Simon to left – Doing this will allow Alou to become the DH in the AL he should be and it keeps Simon on the team. The Cubs need a guy who will make contact, and although Simon’s strike zone is eyes to toes, at least he doesn’t strike out.

Drop Karros and move Choi to 1st – This will not only get rid of an aging star, but will allow Choi a full season to play first and show what he can do.

Drop Lofton for Patterson – This is a no brainer, Lofton was a band-aid for this year.

Sign Miguel Tajada to play short – This one probably won’t happen cause of costs, but I can hope

So, with these changes, I would make the following Cubs lineup:

I also say the Cubs should keep A-Gonz, he is a great fielder and a good defensive sub. If the Cubs to not go after Tajada, then they can use the money they save on Karros, Alou and Lofton to go after some decent relief pitching as well. Feel free to comment!