The Cubs Series

October 16, 2003

I have waited for the Cubs series to be completed before updating the blog here, now that it is done, I must say, baseball is a crazy game. Game 6 most definately was some of the worst feelings I have felt in my life. You can blame whomever, but that was the point in my life that will make me a Cubs fan forever. I wasn’t old enough for 84, and I don’t remember 89 much, so this is the first real heartbreak I have experienced with them.

Everyone said after Game 5 that this isnt the same Cubs, Prior and Wood can’t both be beaten at home. I was sceptical I hate to say it, but that is cause I have known the Cubs for awhile now. It isn’t a bad thing, it will just make it that much better when/if it ever happen. But this is why you stick with it, because you will feel the pain the players do.

But we can all remember that this year was amazing. We all thought the Cubs had a chance to do something like this, but we all wondered. We won the division and won a playoff series. If we got it all this year, what could we look forward to next year. We get most of the team back, and hopefully some better middle relief and see some youngers play. So instead of dwelling on this series, remember the whole season. If you are Cubs fan, you know you might not see one like it for awhile.