The Cubs will win the World Series…

November 6, 2003

Just not next year. See, 2 years before the Bucs won the Super Bowl (something people said could never happen), they won the NFC Central. I got a t-shirt from this division championship and wore it proudly. The next year, the Bucs made the wild card, but got knocked out in the first round. The year after that, they got a new coach and won the Super Bowl. So this year, I have a Cubs divisional championship shirt and the pieces are starting to fall into place. Here is my prediction for the next two years:

The Cubs will play well enough to make the wild card next year, but get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs against the Giants. Because of this, Dusty Baker will get fired, and the Cubs will have problems getting the coach they really want. They will end up trading 30 draft picks for Jon Gruden. Gruden will lead the Cubs to the playoffs, beating the Giants in the first round, then going and playing Philly (Eagles or Phillies) and win in their house. The World Series will be then be trivial as the Cubs beat the A’s in 5 games.

So there you have it Cubs fans, it isn’t even worth paying attention to the next two seasons cause I have spelled it out for you. How can I be wrong, Cub is Buc spelled backwards, all the signs are there.