New Home for MyTungsten’s Webmaster

August 6, 2003

The move is finally complete, and I for one am pleased. The new apartment is all setup, I have Internet there and the kitchen is bigger than the old place, so pluses all around. I even have a tentitive plan on how to take the bus so I can go out Fridays, so boo-yah to that. I plan on taking some pics of the new place and post them on the MyTungsten News area later, maybe do some sort of 3-D virtual tour.

Lots of news not related to MyTungsten has happened since the move. First off, the Cubs are lookin like they want to get back on track, and Fat Lenny is gone. I have been playing NCAA 2004 for the PS2 and having issues on what team to use. I have finally settled on Washington, so I may have to dedicate a page on MyTungsten to the dynasty. I will also have to remove the Great American Moving Give-Away, since that is over. I also found out that the golf course I live next to is closed. It actually closed yesterday for the season, which sucks cause it would have been real handly, but whatcha gonna do. All in all, I am happy the move is done, I keep thinking I have something to worry about in the back of my head, I then remember, it is all done now and I can finally relex. Now that is a good feeling.