Cubs Boycott

August 8, 2003

Well, there has been much discussion as of late of the choice to have Shawn Estes as the 5th starter in front of Juan Cruz. Personally, Cruz has to show me something before I can get on his bandwagon again. Good ol’ Scarface blew too many games early in the season, including my first experience at Wrigley, so to say he is the savior 5th starter bothers me. I am not claiming that Estes is great by any means, but the whole argument is about the 5th starter. Most teams would love to argue these two pitchers for their 3rd starter. Plus, if the Cubs make the playoffs, we wouldn’t see either of these guys since they would go to a 4 man rotation of Prior, Wood, Clement and Zambrano. Man that is just mean throwing that at someone.

I am much more concerned with the Cubs hitting. I don’t understand why the Cubs batters insist on swinging for the fences all the time. If Gonzo could figure out that in the 7 spot, we don’t need 15 HR and 150 Ks, we need some singles pulled the other way to move men along and get on base. But, for now the offense is doing just enough to win games. I just saw the Cubs are 7-3 in their last 10 and are now in second place. If the Cubs can be within a game or two at the start of the ASS-tros series, things could be vary interesting. It would be a great chance for the Cubs to start to establish the home field advantage they havn’t had and get ahead of the Stro(ke)s.