I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco

December 30, 2003

I will admit to “poo-poo”-ing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot the first time I heard it, but as the Rolling Stone’s magazine nerd said in this movie, it is an album that you have to be willing to sit down and listen to to really enjoy it. I kinda think the same thing could be said about this movie, although I was in the mood to see it last night and was still a little disappointed. The story of Wilco during the making of this album could be really well done, unfortunately the director seems to think that we need 6 live performances throughout the movie to make it move along.

For instance, one of the band members is kicked out of the band after the record was made. Now there were some moments where there were some disagreements earlier in the movie, but I would not have thought that the member would have been kicked out. Then we go into 30 minutes of the history of record labels and how Wilco “beat the system.” I don’t blame Wilco for the quality of the film, there are some really touching moments in the film that come through. I am just upset that there is so much of the music instead of the plot.