Updates at the speed of Oculon

October 1, 2003

Well, it has been awhile since I have added any comments up here, mainly cause I spent about a week on the shelf with this god awful sore throat. Now mostly better, and with the Cubs keepin me ridin high, I am happy to announce that I am back. And after looking at Mattbot’s blog, I will now give my 4 reasons the Cubs will win in 4. Please note, I did not read any of Mattbot’s reasons, so if there are any similarities, it is just cause great minds think alike.

1 – The Pitching Rotation

With winning on Saturday and having Estes pitch last week, Dusty got real lucky. With Wood, Zam and Prior ready for the first three games, I look for the Cubs to take 2 of 3, then have Clement finish off the Braves in Game 4. With experience in a closing game, Clement should not feel the pressure that one of the other 3 might.

2 – Pitching vs. Batting

Year after year, we see great batting get into the playoffs, but every year, they get knocked out in favor of good pitching. Atlanta made it in with good hitting this year, their pitching is not nearly what it once was. Because of this, I see the Cubs shutting down the Atlanta bats and advancing.

3 – Short Series Schedule

With the first 2 games in Atlanta, the Cubs only need to win one and the series won’t need to go back there again. I like the Cubs to win both of their home games, so all it will take is winning one in Atlanta.

4 – Dusty seems to know how to manage

With all the bitching and moaning people have done about Dusty this year, he has made a 69 win team into an 88 win team and is in the playoffs. He knows how to win, and when going against 136 year old Bobby Cox, I think I would prefer to have Dusty on my side.

So feel free to argue with my musings, but you know, you will be wrong.