My Favorite Warrior

April 8, 2005

So what is the Ultimate Warrior up to now? It seems that he is spreading very biased, anti-liberal messages. He is not portraying himself as a conservative either though, not even the far right is extreme enough for him apparantly. I don’t get into politics too much here, and this post is by no means reflecting any personal opinions other than the Ultimate Warrior appears to be a little off the deep end.

Earlier this week, he was invited to speak at the University of Connecticut by the Campus Republicans there. Apprantly a near riot broke out when some liberal students decided to ask some questions. I had to see this, luckily enough I was able to get a copy of the recording through BitTorrent and watched some of it. I was mildly amused with it seeing how a man who entertained me when I was young by shaking ring ropes was now interrupting a gay student by telling her that “she has something in her mouth.” I know it doesn’t make sense, but it is still rather entertaining.

EDIT: Apparantly it wasn’t a woman he told that to, here is the accurate story:

When he was saying something about how homosexuality is not as valid as hetorsexuality, some (presumably) gay guy got up and was screaming at him. The Warrior told him to “take that object out of your mouth when speaking to me”
To some girl that was upset over what he was saying he said….dont have an orgasm honey.

If you are interested, a response to the incident was written up by The Warrior. If at first you have difficulty reading it, it is because it is written in the third person. Enjoy!