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March 8, 2005

For those of you wondering where the next music review is, don’t worry, I havn’t forgotten. The LCD Soundsystem album is actually a double album so I will use that for the last two weeks. I will have a review posted within the next few days.

I am still in the planning phase of the new blog look, I want to go with something interesting and use some of my pictures, but it will take some time, so for now I have the blah WordPress look.

Finally, some updates on my apartment, I have written a time line of everything that has happened the last week or so with it, so I figured I can post it here. I am leaving out specific company names to make sure I don’t get sued or something crazy.

7:45 AM – 3/1/2005 – Left for work and locked my door

7:00 PM – 3/1/2005 – Arrived home to find my porch light on, my door unlocked and the following items stolen:

1x PlayStation 2
2x PlayStation 2 8MB Memory Cards
1x PlayStation 2 Controller
1x Nintendo Gamecube
2x Nintendo Gamecube Controllers
1x Nintendo Gamecube Memory Card
1x POLYVIEW|17″LCD PT-725A Display
1x Apple Pro Keyboard
1x Nike Duffel Bag
All Video Games

7:05 PM – 3/1/2005 - Contacted Police Department

7:35 PM – 3/1/2005 – Police arrive and take theft report, Case xxxx-xxxx. Police officer also shows how the lock potentially could have been unlocked.

~9:30 AM – 3/2/2005 – Contact insurance about filing a claim for my Renter’s Insurance. They mail out the form.

~9:35 AM – 3/2/2005 – Contact landlord about securing my door better. Secretary tells me that she would have to contact the building manager and would get back to me later in the day or the next morning taking my office phone number.

~10:00 AM – 3/2/2005 – Contact The University of Iowa Tenant/Landlord Association about the potential for breaking my lease because of the break-in. They tell me that the break-in alone is not enough to break the lease, but explained the seven day process and sent me information through campus mail.

~11:00 AM – 3/3/2005 – Contact landlord to check on the status of the door. A male explains that a person working for the company had a seizure and another is out for a funeral and that someone should be out to look at the lock today and they would call me back with the status. They take my office number again.

11:25 AM – 3/4/2005 – Contact landlord to check on the status again. I am told by secretary that nothing is planned to be done. I explain that there was no damage to the door and that I would like something done. Secretary then transfers me to her manager, the same male I spoke with the previous day. He tells me that there is no way that the door could have been broken into. I explained that I did lock the door that morning so someone had to break in. I then explained that I have a number of expensive electronic equipment that I want to make sure is secure. He then asked why nothing was stolen, to which I told him that objects were stolen. The man then told me that he would have one of his maintenance people meet me at my apartment to prove the door is secure. He said that I would get a call tomorrow on when to meet.

1:21 PM – 3/4/2005 – Maintenance person calls my cell phone to setup a time to come out and show me the door is secure. I ask him what time tomorrow he would like to meet, he tells me that he does not work Saturdays so we plan to meet between 12-1 PM 3/7/2005 at my apartment.

So that is where I am at now, hopefully something gets resolved over my lunch hour today, otherwise expect a pissed off entry later today.

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Hey Suckahead,

Just surfing the net and saw your site. Still In IC huh, its like a black hole, no escape. Drop me a line sometime.

Comment by Dan — 3/21/2005 @ 2:50 pm