Web Site Updates

March 29, 2005

Just in case anyone was concerned, no I have not forgotten about the redesign of the blog. I have been working on it the last week now that Metroid Prime is beaten and all of the theft hassles are gone. I am hoping to have it up by the end of the week, but I won’t make any promises. I also plan on catching up on my music reviews. The next two on the list are Moby’s new album, Hotel and Portishead’s Dummy. Those should be purchased by the end of the week with reviews sometime next week.

I have also decided to offer some web space for the CD trading extravaganza at the Help Desk. The page will have a listing of all the songs on each person’s CD and potentially some space for discussion. I will talk with Ryan and see what he would like. So that is about it, just wanted to let everyone know that the site remains and will be updated soon.