Hi, my name is Mark and I am a Google addict

October 10, 2006

I am openly admitting it, I am a Google addict.? I came to that realization tonight while looking at Google Reader.? It isn’t perfect, but I kept thinking of reasons I should use that instead of the wonderful Shrook.? I don’t think I am dropping Shrook anytime soon, but I might export the OMPL file to give Google Reader a test.? And that is where Google keeps winning me over, they make it easy enough for me to try something. They got me in the door with Gmail, now I just keep adding different services to my Google account.? There are some on there, such as Google Base and Google Page Creator, that I used once and never tried again.? But then there are things like Writely and Spreadsheets that I have come back to recently to see what improvements have been made.? They have figured out how to keep a web junkie like me interested in one company for a long time.? Oh yeah, there was that YouTube thing today also. Now if only Picasa Web Albums supported geotagging with Google Maps, I would consider switching from Flickr.