Marktopia 3.0 (I Think)

June 12, 2006

As you may have noticed, Marktopia has a new look once again. The colors stayed similiar, some stuff shifted around and I can now take advantage of the Wordpress Widgets engine to add things to the site. This is pretty exciting as it will not take much work at all to change things on the sidebar. The one thing missing on the sidebar right now is the Now Reading stuff. This is because I found out there is a new version that does lots of cool new stuff, including making a dynamic page displaying lots more information, including reviews. I am going to need to take a look at this in more detail before putting it up on the site to make sure it works with the overall theme of the site. That will be coming soon, as will a new comics section that I have been wanting to work on for awhile now.


Mark -

Like the new look of the place! How is everything else going with you these days?

Comment by Zaki — 6/12/2006 @ 11:12 am

Wow, way to lift the Avengers logo!! Can we expect some lively discussion on superhero registration on this site? : )

Comment by Mark S. — 6/12/2006 @ 3:54 pm


Things are going well, work has been interesting as of late with a fair number of changes. I am still at the University enjoying my time in a college town. As you may have gathered, I am also getting married in late October, so much planning is going on for that. I would go into more, but it might take awhile, so feel free to shoot me a line at mizidymizark at gmail dot com.


I just might put some superhero registration stuff on here. I decided to swipe the Avengers logo first, then I was freehand drawing the M and it ended up looking a lot like the one from House of M. I then wanted to make a full logo out of letters from different comics I collect, but it got too complex too quick. So instead the MA are from comics, which works since they are my initials as well.

Comment by mizidymizark — 6/12/2006 @ 7:00 pm

Mark is a stupid name.

Comment by Mark S. — 6/13/2006 @ 1:49 pm