Mass Media Here I Come

October 5, 2006

So with Stargate on hiatus, there are few shows on that I watch right now.? I decided to give a couple of programs a chance, which is rare since I like so few network programs.? I decided to try Jericho on CBS and Heroes on NBC.? Heroes is good, but not great.? It tries to do the “what if” mutants started to exist right now with 5 characters exhibiting special powers.? The first two episodes were spent introducing characters and just starting to get into the major plot, so I will give it a bit of a chance still.

Jericho does another “what if” but about a nuclear attack on the US.? Sometimes it almost seems a little too realistic, but that does make it a darn good program.? I would recommend checking it out before Heroes, but since they are on different nights, you can probably catch both.? If that doesn’t work, there is always the BitTorrent route, made even easier with this post from Lifehacker.? Even if both these programs go downhill, I still have Numb3rs and BSG to fall back on.