Music Database Full

September 12, 2006

My music database has been finished off, filling it up with all sorts of good data.? I should say that the albums are all in there, I have not filled in all of the artist info at this time, and it may be awhile before doing that.? However, I am pleased to be done with the data entry part of the project and can now start thinking about other stuff I want to do with the MizCD project and start working on the comics database.? Unfortunately that is another monster on it’s own that I will have to tackle, but at least the data entry involves going through all my comics, so that is kinda cool.

One other comment I will make, you may have noticed the Now Reading thing on the sidebar.? In addition to keeping track of what I am reading, the Now Reading also supports reviewing each book, so if you want my opinions on the books that show up in the sidebar, check out the library area of the site.