Musically Inclined

September 5, 2006

I am getting very close to finishing putting all my music in my MizCD collection.? I have about 50 CDs to go, so I am hoping to wrap that up in the next day or so.? This is serving two purposes, I am avoiding my comic project and I can see what other features might be nice for MizCD now that it is almost full.? The first thing I was thinking was a “cd player” view.? Since the project was to organize my CD player, it might be nice to view what is in the CD player with some cool interface.? We will see, I figure that if I have all those album covers in there, why not try to do something cool with them.

Also, I have decided to tackle a little project for myself that does not include any programming.? The first concert I really remember going to was the first Q101 Jamboree in on May 27, 1995.? It was the first festival show that Q101 put on and to this day I remember so many cool things about it.? Seeing KMFDM play their full album in about 45 minutes, watching a friend get dropped crowd surfing on concrete, crowd surfing myself when we were bored by Faith No More, being pretty impressed with Sponge live, and the general experience of chilling out in the lawn of the New World Music Theatre.? Because of the impression it left on me, I am going to gather all of the albums that each of the bands had out at that time so I can have a collection of the show for my memory.? Part of that includes finding out which bands played there and since the Internet was of no help, I sent Q101 an e-mail, so hopefully in the next couple of days I will have an update.