New Sites

October 20, 2006

As you may have noticed, there is a new look to Marktopia once again.¬? I figured a nice new clean look before the wedding would be nice, and it is something to distract from the wedding planning as things are starting to pick up some.¬? It also means that with a new design, after the wedding I can start working on the comics database.¬? I have been scouting for a good database example for Rails and most have small bits and pieces.¬? What I am really looking for is a good example of a has_many_and_belongs_to and how to use it for the admin view.

In addition to the new Marktopia look, there is a new site just in time for the wedding called¬? Since we got a free domain with our new host, we decided a combo domain where we will be able to host our pictures would be good.¬? Rebekah did the design for so kudos to her.¬? She is also going to be styling the photo program we will use on the site.¬? I am looking at Gallery2, especially since the nightly builds are including a tagging/keyword feature.¬? If anyone is aware of a php photo album that does tagging, feel free to comment about it so we can check it out.