Scifi Friday!

August 20, 2006

Last night was a hardcore scifi Friday for Rebekah and I.? We started the evening with Serenty, completing our Firefly experience.? I definately enjoyed Firefly, as everyone and their mother told me I would.? I am now added to the list of people that is upset it got cancelled and wishes it would come back.? I am sure I am joined by many that really wants to find out the history of Shephard Book acted out and instead of hoping the Wikipedia is correct.

After Serenty, we watched both Stargates, with SG-1 having it’s 200th episode.? It was definately an episode for fans of the show as there were a number of references to the history of the show and the history of the production of the show. If you are an SG-1 fan, definately watch the episode.? After all that, Atlantis was good, but a bit of a filler episode in the grand scheme of things.? Overall it was a nice evening relaxing before the beginning of the semester and the stress that brings.