Switching Again

July 6, 2006

First off, I have given Flock another fair shake and I just cannot stick with it. It has nice stuff, but it just isn’t clicking with me. The biggest problem is the inconsistency with bookmarking a page with del.icio.us and the news section not updating as well as I would like. I might give it another look when it hits the 1.0, but for now I am back to Safari and a news reader. At this time, I am using Shrook, recommended by Kevlar. It seems to be pretty nice and has a number of features I don’t know what they do yet, so it might be cool to mess around with.

In addition to browser stuff, I have (once again) decided to experiment with Rails. This time I am using Agile Web Development with Rails instead of some web guide. This ended up being a great idea because this is the book I have needed for Rails from the beginning. This explains why anyone would use MVC or Rails in general and gives a good tutorial. I am less than 100 pages into the book and I already am excited to build my own Rails app.