They Have Come….To Our Shitay

September 30, 2006

As you may have heard, there is some sporting event happening here in town tomorrow night.? After some luck, I was able to get tickets for the game and will be viewing it from the 11 row behind the north end zone at Kinnick.? I will also be wearing the shirt below to the game, hopefully in the middle of a bunch of OSU fans.

Free Maurice Shirt

With the Game of the Week, Iowa City also plays host to College Gameday.? I have posted some setup pictures of Gameday on my Flickr account, but for those of you too lazy to go there, you can see that the setup is taking up most of Hubbard Park.

Gameday setup at Hubbard Park
I am predicting a close game with both Tate and Smith making some big plays.? I don’t want to pick a winner in fear of offending the football gods, I just want a good game.? That being said, I am leaving everyone with this Moment of Zen.