Travel Blog – UWM

July 14, 2006

Friday 8:30 AM – Thunder is about in Milwaukee as the second day of the conference begins.? The second half of the day yesterday was spent going on a campus tour and then some roundtable discussions.? The discussions were pretty good, but the shocking part was on the campus tour.? We did the normal tour stuff, seeing labs and their Help Desk, but it also included a tour of their server room.? As in we were standing next to the e-mail server for their campus.? I was able to take a picture in there as well that I will post later tonight.? Today is going to be more breakout sessions, so we will see how that goes.? I am hoping to be home between 7-8 though.

Thursday 12:45 PM – The presentations this morning were pretty good. The biggest shock was to find that most of the other universities here are allowed to have their students work up to 40 hours a week instead of our 20. This is definitely a challenge that we would have to discuss when/if we want to implement a larger STS model. I asked one of the managers here at UWM and she said that she couldn’t do her job if she was limited to 20 hours a week. Also, Virginia and I have had a number of good discussions, including an interesting support center idea for the library for some of the 3rd tier support issues we have. This afternoon includes more discussions and a campus tour.

Thursday 9 AM – Once again we have the travel blog, this time from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for their STS Conference. Throughout the day I will be updating with information about the trip and conference. The trip up was rather uneventful with the exception of a closed ramp which caused us to take the scenic route around both the ghetto and nice area of Milwaukee. (Hint: They are right next to each other.) Then we found the hotel, but they have changed names recently which caused us to drive around a bit more. After all that, we made it fine and were in turn way early for the conference. Updates later after we get through some presentations and tours.