Windows Live Writer

August 14, 2006

Today Microsoft released a beta of a free blog writing program, Windows Live Writer.? It appears to be similar in features to w.blogger and ecto, but without Parallels still, I cannot test it tonight.? The one thing that WLW touts is the ability to add new categories to WordPress blogs, something that I have not found in other blog writing programs.? In any case, Microsoft did open up an SDK for the program so maybe this will be a win for Microsoft in the Web 2.0 word.

One other thing that intrigues me with this is the possibility of using it as a support model for University departmental web sites.? Instead of tinkering with licenses for Macromedia Contribute, the University might be able to use this and some sort of content management software for departments to keep up their site.? Who knows, but in any case it is an interesting development for blogs tonight.