Final 2007 Album Update

November 28, 2007

I want to thank everyone who suggested albums for me to listen to over the last month or so. That is, everyone but Shane. Shane recommend The Fiery Furnaces, and when I didn’t include the in the last list, mentioned them again. Well the first 3 songs on that album proved that it was not going to make the top 10 list. In fact, it let me know that it would make the bottom 1 list. I would rather jam cotton swabs in my ears than listen to headphones playing that music. I would prefer to listen to Kenny G playing with Bill Shatner doing spoken word over it than listen to that album. It is awful.

So on that note, you have my first comment about the 39 albums (38 and 3 tracks actually) I listened to. Here is the final list of albums, the last 3 added in bold. After narrowing it down, there was a wonderful cutoff right at 15 albums actually, so I am planning on counting down the top 15 starting December 3rd and doing an album each workday until the 21st where I give my top album. Thanks for everyone’s help so far and I am anxious to get feedback on the albums as they come out.

Final List