Name Not Shared to Protect A Stupid Company

November 6, 2007

So a certain computer company has officially ticked Rebekah and I off today. Last week, our home computer started acting funny which escalated to not booting up at all. After lots of attempts to fix it, including a call to their tech support, which we do have a warranty with, it was decided we have to bring it to a hardware repair center for them to look at.

It was suspected to be a logic board problem by Rebekah with an outside chance that it was the hard drive. Anticipating it might be a hard drive issue, she asked about backing up the data as a new hard drive would replace the current one. She was told that recovering data was not covered in the warranty. At the same time, the warranty would be voided if we opened the machine, so we are left with no way of getting at the hard drive ourselves to do it for free. While it is nice that we will get a new hard drive for free with the warranty, it is frustrating that something outside of our control will potentially cost us some money.

A quick note for those smartasses who would say “well if you had a backup, you wouldn’t have this problem.” We did have a backup process in place, however to run the backup, it has to make space on the external hard drive, therefore it deleted everything and started running the backup. Unfortunately it crashed in the middle of this backup, leaving us with very little on the drive. Awesomeness all the way around here.