New Music Notes

October 4, 2007

Just about a month aga, I asked for recommendations for good “entertaining” music and the comments delivered. I then promised to comment on the said recommendations, and here they are:

Sigur Ros – Derrick’s recommendation is to be selective, and I agree with that. There are definitely some good tracks, but I don’t think I could play an entire album the entire way through. I did enjoy the music though, so that is a bonus.

Explosions in the Sky – This was the big winner out of all the recommendations. This music is right up my alley as is and it works as good background music. I pounded out a couple hours of the Dark Tower V Sunday listening to it.

Christopher O’Riley – Didn’t listen to. I don’t need to hear Radiohead transcripts.

Chicane – Unable to find any to get, so I will keep hunting.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Right up there with Explosions in the Sky as a top recommendations. A different vibe as it is a little speedier and up tempo, but it is some cool guitar work.

Gotan Project – Chris said I will love them, unfortunately I didn’t. There are some cool tracks, but overall I couldn’t get into them. Too much accordion work for my liking, but it is interesting.

So there you have it, Explosions in the Sky and Rodrigo Y Gabriela are the big winners. If others have further suggestions, feel free to pass them along and I will check them out.