Say Thankee Sai

November 12, 2007

After some months, the journey to the Dark Tower is complete.  After following Roland and his chase of the Man in Black, his battles with the lobstrosities, riding Blaine the Pain, his past in Mejis, the ka-tet defending Calla Bryn Sturgis, finding The Dixie Pig and 2 Hammarskjold Plaza and finally the step of the Dark Tower itself, I feel both a sense of accomplishment but also disappointment.  Disappointment for two reasons actually, the first being that I do not get to visit the Mid-World anymore.

The second reason is because of the ending of the series.  Without ruining anything for those of you that might be tackling this, the ending is well written, it just kinda jabs at you.  I want more of an ending, but the ending is the only one that can be.  And that is what I can say about the entire series, you might always agree with it, or even understand it, but it is such a compelling read that I can only recommend it to others.  However, if you do start taking the journey, do not stray from the Path of the Beam and do not forget the face of your father, the journey is not one to be taken lightly.