Time vs. Effort vs. Curiosity

November 10, 2007

Recently I have been fretting internally about how much my time and effort are worth.  The primary example is ringtones for a cell phone.  I purchased a new cell phone with a provider, giving me a large discount over an unlocked phone.  I had hopes that I could find a workaround for the restrictions on the cell phone by the provider, specifically easily using my own mp3s as ringtones.  After some time, a couple hours, I am still not able to install my own ringtones and things are not looking promising for me to get it done anytime soon.

This gets me thinking about how much time and effort I have already used to save the 2 bucks a ringtone would cost me.  I then throw my own curiosity of “beating the system” into the mix and I am really conflicted.  In the end, I think I could just buy a ringtone from my provider and not worry about it anymore and that would be worth 2 bucks, but then I feel like I am feeding the system.  This same thing applies for torrents, hacked PSPs, etc, so I am wondering what other people think of these situations and what your limits are.