Track by Track Zeitgeist Review

July 16, 2007

Before getting into the individual track comments, for those of you who just want my overall thoughts, here they are. The album is good, not great. There are definite highlights to the album but also a few forgettable songs. I understand Billy’s wish to call this the Smashing Pumpkins, but it feels a little dirty doing so. This is not to say it doesn’t sound like them, it has just been too long between albums and doesn’t have all the members to be called the Pumpkins. All that being said, I do enjoy the album and if you are a 90′s alt rock fan, you will probably enjoy this too.

Doomsday Clock – Featured in the kick ass Transformers movie, Doomsday Clock is a great start to the album. It lets you know that this is going to be rocking from the beginning.

7 Shades of Black – Sounds a little too much like Doomsday Clock for my liking. This might have worked better late in the album, but it isn’t too bad. Also, Billy spends a little too much time with the “quiet” voice on this track.

Bleeding the Orchid – The first quiet song on the album, this tries a little too hard to be poetic. That being said, the chorus does have a decent melody. The end of the track is also a lot too drawn out.

That’s the Way (My Love Is) – This sounds more like a classic Pumpkins song to me. Less of a “yelling” voice and more of the melodic Corgan singing. It reminds me of one of the good songs from the later Pumpkins albums. My guess is that this is the next single from the album.

Tarantula – You have probably heard the first single from the album a few times already. It rocks, enough said.

Starz – This song just doesn’t click with me. It has nothing to interest me and the whole “We…Are…Starz” thing bugs me. A forgettable track in my opinion.

United States – The mandatory long song on a Pumpkins album. The intro is rather ominous and the lyrics are rather moody. I understand that it is supposed to be a statement song about the current political environment, but it comes up a little short. I do like the drum work in it though, so that is a good thing.

Neverlost – This is the star of the album. Not really a radio hit, but a great song nonetheless. It rocks without being obtuse and takes advantage of Billy’s voice perfectly. Again, this sounds like previous Pumpkins work, but with a nice new twist that is difficult to describe, I really recommend this song.

Bring the Light – Another quality track that could be a single later on. The chorus and guitar riffs work wonderfully together making it a quality radio friendly track. My only qualm is that it might be a little too pop sounding. I have a feeling this track might grow on me the more I hear it.

(Come On) Let’s Go – Not a bad track, just kinda gets lost in the album. It is basically filler to finish up the album, not that it is uncommon to have one or two of those tracks on a Pumpkins album.

Stellar – Bonus track for iTunes (and probably others), this is a little more toned down than the rest of the album. It is a nice track, nothing to write home about though. I do like the addition of it simply for the fact that it is a little more relaxed and adds something different to the album.

For God and Country – This track sounds kinda like a mix between Billy’s solo stuff and The Cure. The lyrics are a bit over the top for my liking and actually cause me not to like the track even though I like the music.

Pomp and Circumstances – A nice closing track, doesn’t do too much but is rather pleasant. The guitar work is a little heavy, but that can be ignored.