Album #10: Keep Your Eyes Ahead – The Helio Sequence

December 17, 2008

An album that cane out pretty early in the year, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, by The Helio Sequence was a bit of a surprise. The first track, Lately, sets the stage for a well thought out and produced album. While the alubm does capture a Beatles vibe on some tracks, this album doesn’t hesistate to expand out from the basic indie rock sound.

A great example of this was Back To This. It starts with a fairly subdued beat with a little distortion on the chorus.  About halfway though the song, it evolves into something a little more intense and grown up. The real star of the album is Lately, which is a bit of a bummer since it is the first track.  However it is well worth checking out due to the heartbreak in the lyrics combined with a fantastic sound.