Album of the Week Catch Up

July 4, 2008

I let the Album of the Week go awhile back because of time and I didn’t make it a resolution for the new year so I didn’t feel obligated to do it.  I also felt guilty with my last design where only one post showed up that it would not get displayed long out there.  With the new design, I figured I could play catch up with the album of the week.  I am still unlikely to post every week, but I will try to do a few albums a month for you.  In the meantime, I will suggest an album for each week since April 16th, the last Album of the Week

April 23: Know by Heart – The American Analog Set

I once told Mattbot that I would like to listen to some new music and he obliged with a bunch of artists I had never heard of.  One of my favorites was the this album.  Softly sung but strong lyrics infiltrate this entire album.

April 30: Hello Rockview – Less Than Jake

A flashback to my short punk/ska days, this album is still a great listen for a little angst with your horns.

May 7: Mary Star of the Sea – Zwan

While I did not love the album by the new Smashing Pumpkins last year, I did love the more obscure album by Zwan, Billy Corgan’s band between Pumpkins stints.  It is meant to be listened to loudly, and I would encourage doing that.

May 14: Rodrigo y Gabriela – Rodrigo y Gabriela

A guitar instrumental album, this is simply amazing.  I don’t need to say more, just check it out.

May 21: Dial “M” for Monkey – Bonobo

Nice relaxed electronic music that is interesting enough to keep you listening, but also works as great background music.

May 28: Narrow Stairs – Death Cab for Cutie

I decided to buy this even after I couldn’t find someone who recommended it.  It is a little darker than other Death Cab albums but also a little more entertaining.

June 4: Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since I loved the EP so much.  This will likely be one of the contenders for album of the year.

June 11: Rook – Shearwater

If you like Okkervil River, you will love this album.  Will Shelf, the vocalist for Okkervil River, lends his talents to Shearwater once again to make one of the most touching and powerful albums of the year.

June 18: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – Wilco

For most people, this will need no explanation.  That being said, this album had to grow on me, but when it did, it has become one of my favorite albums ever.

June 25: Deltron 3030 – Deltron 3030

An obscure hip-hop album from the year 2000 was re-released with a few more remixes making it an even better value.  This album is set in the 3030 and has sci-fi themes throughout.  For a nerd, hip-hop doesn’t get much better.

July 2: Ghost Rock – Nomo

To commemorate Jazz Fest in Iowa City, I give you a kind of funky jazz sounding album from Nomo.  If you arn’t sure, check out the track Rings as it will give you a good sense of what the rest of the album is like.