All Songs Considered – Pick of the Week

February 10, 2008

If you are an NPR listener, you are likely familiar with the program All Things Considered.  Another program from NPR you may not be familiar with though is All Songs Considered.  All Songs Considered is hosted by Bob Boilen and covers, quite literally, the world of music.  I have been introduced to a number of great artists already and I have only been listening for a couple of months now.

All Songs Considered is also easy to find since it is done through podcast so you just need to subscribe to check it out.  It is free of charge of course which makes it even cooler because you get to listen to full songs on the podcast almost every week.  If you are looking for an episode to start with, I recommend the Listeners Picks of the Year from 12/20/2007.  It has a song from each of the top 25 listeners albums of the year.  That episode got me hooked and I have looked forward to each episode since.

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