Amazon Lists – Pick of the Week

April 13, 2008

Since it was my birthday yesterday, it seems appropriate to choose the selection of lists that Amazon allows you to create as my Pick of the Week.  I am going to cover the Wishlist, Gift Organizer and Your Media Library. If you have an Amazon account, you already have access to the tools I will describe, so feel free to try them out.  You can find all of these under the Your Lists drop down on the front page of Amazon.


The Wishlist is a place that you can collect all of the things you might want from Amazon.  From any item in the Amazon catalog, you can choose to add it to your Wishlist.  Then on your Wishlist, you can select how many of that item you want and a priority for it.  The Wishlist has been very handy when people ask what I want for a holiday or birthday.  I can point them to the list and they then have a selection of things I definitely want.

Gift Organizer

While the Wishlist could be seen as a little selfish, Amazon also gives you tools to give other people things too.  You can use the Gift Organizer to not only keep track of people’s birthdays, but also gift ideas you might have for them.  This comes in real handy when you think of a Christmas gift for someone in July.  Instead of forgetting about it until the February after, you can make a note of it in the Gift Organizer and check back in December.  Also handy is you can add other people’s wishlists to your Gift Organizer so if you had not thought of something, you are still in good shape.

Your Media Library

Finally, after you start to get a bunch of stuff, you might want a place to organize it.  Amazon automatically keeps track of all of your purchases and adds them to Your Media Library for you to review later.  You can also add items you didn’t purchase from Amazon as well, so you can keep track of your music, movies and games in one location.  It is not as robust as something like Delicious Library or the Pedia collection at Bruji, but it is free and web based, so that is nice.  The other cool features is by rating items in Your Media Library, Amazon will start coming up with better recommendations for you so you can find other games or music that you might like.

All of these Amazon features are free and part of your account, and for those of you interested, here is my wishlist.

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