Amazon MP3 – Pick of the Week

May 19, 2008

For the first Pick of the Week, I chose eMusic and I still recommend it for unique or indie music.  However, for music you cannot find on there, I now use the Amazon MP3 service instead of iTunes.  Going with the idea that I will want to do whatever I want with purchased music, Amazon MP3s are all DRM free at 256 quality.  While iTunes has some music with this same feature set, knowing that I don’t have to check before buying makes it very nice.  Another nice feature of the Amazon MP3 is that because it is Amazon, it remembers my purchases and every album helps with recommending new music.

Not all is perfect with Amazon MP3, for example the entirely web based interface leaves something to be desired.  You can preview tracks still, but the overall experience isn’t quite as nice as iTunes.  However, I am willing to trade off the quality of the experience for the better quality purchase.  If you havn’t taken a look at the Amazon MP3 service, I would recommend it.

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