Bookmarks & Link Reorganization

July 22, 2008

For those of you subscribed to my feed, I apologize for two reasons.  First off, I apologize because there has been no activity on it for months and months.  Second, I apologize because you got bombarded with a bunch of stuff today.  All of this was due to my new organization for bookmarks and stuff to read.  I had been gathering links all over the place, Firefox, NetNewsWire’s flagged items, old links, etc.   This made it difficult to figure out where stuff was and what I had read already.  I decided to put everything together on now.  Stuff I have read and want bookmarked will get thrown up there for everyone to see and stuff I have not have had a chance to read yet will get the clever toread tag on it.  If you are curious about stuff I am reading or going to read, feel free to follow them.