Drupal – Pick of the Week

April 21, 2008

A day late, but this week’s pick of the week is Drupal.  You might find it odd seeing both WordPress and Drupal as picks of the week, but it is my opinion that they each excel at different things.  WordPress does blogs fantastically, Drupal does the same for community sites.  Yes you could do a blog in Drupal and a community site in WordPress, but why stretch a product to do something when there is a fantastic alternative out there.

Because of my recent work on a soon to be unveiled HD Music Exchange, I was enamored with Drupal’s flexibility for creating a community site.  With any flexibile product, there are a number of ways to do similar things.  Luckily Drupal makes it easy to try things out and get to a product that really works well.  If you have to build a community web site, I highly recommend looking at Drupal.  A note, for now you might want to stick with version 5 instead of 6 because many of the modules have not been ported over yet.

Pick of the Week is my way of highlighting cool/new services and software on the web or the Mac. A few Windows applications might sneak in from time to time, but it will be rare. You can find an archive of services and software at http://www.marktopia.net/tag/potw/.