Galactic Comics

November 10, 2008

This is going to seem like a weird choice, but this week I am picking the current state of galactic comics from both Marvel and DC.

Starting with the Annihilation story in 2006, Marvel galactic comics have been some of the best that the company has to offer.  From an emmense story using all of the biggest and best scifi characters to the wonderful art throughout, Annihilation jumpstarted things for Marvel.  Spinning out of that came an ongoing series for Nova which quickly led into a sequel to Annihilation, Conquest.  While using some lesser known characters for Conquest, it was still good.  So good, that it had it’s own spinoff, Guardians of the Galaxy. With two ongoing series and the forecast of another event, War of the Kings, space stories are and will continue to do well for Marvel.

DC has also been doing well through it’s Green Lantern series. While it started getting better with the Rebirth miniseries, it really picked up with the Sinestro Corp Wars. That well down crossover event garnered a lot of attention for how well it was brought together. When you put that together with the evolving mythos being built around the lanterns, you get some great stuff.

If you are into comics and/or scifi, you owe it to yourself to check out one or both of the universes. You can find many of these in trade inexpensively making it a great way to get acclimated and introduced to either.