I am a typefaces fan, and I am proud of it

July 15, 2008

My wife has known this for awhile now, but I am now willing to publically admit it, I am addicted to typefaces.  The more and more I designed for the web, I began to notice how important the selection of typefaces, or fonts if you choose, was to a site.  I then watched Helvetica, a documentary about type throughout the 20th century, and I was hooked.  Now I notice type all over the place.  It is very easy to fall into this because type is all around you everyday.  Look at a road sign, an entrance to a resturant, various web pages or whatever, and you can start to notice trends.  You will see styles you like and others you don’t like.  If you get more interested in it, you will even find typefaces you prefer and start to remember the names of them, it is crazy.

The point of this post is that content is always king, but how that content is displayed is a close second.  You can write a great story, make a great web page, or make a clever sign, but all of that is supported by the choice of type you use.  If you are more curious about the subject, I would recommend checking out ilovetypography.com.  It is a great place to start out to learn about type and find other resources if you are so inclined.