iPod Touch Apps

July 26, 2008

One week with the iPod Touch and I feel it is time to share some apps that I have found interesting or useful.  All of these are free apps, I have not found an app that I have wanted to actually purchase yet.

Pandora – For those of you familiar with Pandora, you will love this app because it brings everything Pandora has to offer to your iPod or iPhone.  You can listen to any of your stations, thumbs up, thumbs down, etc.  If you are not familiar, go to pandora.com and check it out.

NetNewsWire – While not perfect, it does fit well into my news reading workflow.  Using the NewsGator service, I can sync what I have read on either the iPod or my Mac.  The browsing experience isn’t great on the iPod, but I can save items to the Clippings to read later on my Mac.

Twittelator – One of 4 or 5 Twitter apps, this is my preferred one.  It has no ads and doesn’t try to do a bunch of other things.  Simple and works well, that is what I am looking for in a Twitter app.

Labyrinth LE – The Lite (read: free) edition of Labyrinth.  This is a great example of the accelerometer in action as you tilt the device to move the ball around just like you would a real labyrinth board.  The physics of the ball are also amazing, making this a great app to show off the abilities of the device.

Mobile News Network – Basically a pull from the AP of stories nationwide and locally.  It has a nice collection of the day in pictures as well.  I like this better than the NYTimes app because of it’s simplicity.

WordPress – The official application to post to a WordPress blog, this has most of the features of the standard web posting.  The only thing it is missing is the ability to do rich text editing of posts, meaning you have to know basic HTML to do any linking or whatnot.

I should note all of these are first generation applications.  It is pretty impressive to see this much quality stuff initially and it just whets my appetite for bigger and better things to come down the line in the next 6 months or so.