Open Feedback

May 28, 2008

As I mentioned in my 500th post, I am working on a new design.  Before going too far though, I wanted to get some thoughts from the people that read the site.  Right now I have a single post at a time on the site with links to the last 5 further down.  Do people prefer having more posts on the front of the site, is one good or do you read the site through RSS so it doesn’t matter?  What about colors?  I have a fondness for more natural blues, browns, greens, etc but would a cleaner (read: less color) design work better?  Also, because the single post is at the top of the page, do the things like tags and other content get lost or forgotten for you?  I am looking for constructive critism so feel free to post any and all suggestions.  I realize this is my site, but I also want it to work for you, the reader.