PicLens – Pick of the Week

May 11, 2008

Back after a one week break, this week I have PicLens as my recommendation.  An add-on for most popular browsers and works on both Mac and Windows.  It allows you to get a slick view of pictures on sites such as Flickr and Facebook, in addition to videos on YouTube.  They are adding new sites all the time and have information on how you can add your site to it as well.  It is free of charge, and hopefully won’t cost money right after I write this like the pick of the week two weeks ago.

Pick of the Week is my way of highlighting cool/new services and software on the web or the Mac. A few Windows applications might sneak in from time to time, but it will be rare. You can find an archive of services and software at http://www.marktopia.net/tag/potw/.