Playing Favorites

September 11, 2008

The Smashing Pumpkins are my favorite band.  That fact has been true for about 15 years.  For the first time since establishing that, I am having a possible change of mind.  If you have looked at my profile anytime in the last 3 months, you have noticed that a certain band has taken over my listening habits. Death Cab for Cutie may just be my favorite band now. The Pumpkins remain near and dear to my heart, but even I have to admit that their lyrics pale in comparison to Death Cab.  And that is really it, Ben Gibbard’s lyrics stand out as clever word play, making basic poetry into elegently sung songs.

Changing a favorite band shouldn’t be this big of a decision, but as someone who has partially defined himself as a Smashing Pumpkins fan to friends, this seems like a deal, if not a big one.  I am all for dissenting or supporting opinions, except for maybe Kevin since he is such a big Slipknot fan. And for Kevin, I do enjoy Blink 182 occasionally.