Song of the Summer

August 12, 2008

Every summer there seems to be one song that becomes unexpectedly popular, and is typically a one-hit wonder.  For example, in 2006 we had Hey There Delilah.  You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing it that summer.  It is a good song, but I bet you can’t stand hearing it.  All of those are defining traits for the Song of the Summer.  Since it is August already and I have been listening to some radio on our travels over the last three weeks, I spent sometime trying to think what this summer’s song is. After some pondering, I have decided on Time to Pretend by MGMT.  Not to say that the rest of their album isn’t decent, but it won’t catch on like Time to Pretend and could prove to be a one-hit wonder.  Now I realize my music world is a bit different than others, so feel free to throw out other songs as your Song of the Summer