June 3, 2008

Catching soccer in the US can be tough if you don’t know where to look.  This will hopefully help you out in trying to find it.

Fox Soccer Channel

Formerly Fox Sports World, FSC is home to the Premier League, Serie A, MLS, and Argentinan soccer to varying degrees.  It will also show national team coverage and occasionally UEFA Cup matches.  In addition to matches, there are a variety of news programs covering general soccer news to some of the Asian leagues.  This is the place to start to catch soccer in the States.


While not on as many cable systems, GolTV is a close second to FSC in the amount of soccer shown.  It carries both La Liga and Bundesliga matches as well as the Columbian and Guatamalan leagues.  Like FSC, it also carries news programs covering the world of soccer.

ESPN Family

While not exclusively soccer channels, ESPN does cover it’s fair share of matches.  It will be covering the 2008 EURO and has covered the Champions League final rounds live.  You have to be a little more aware to catch soccer on ESPN, but most of the time it will be important matches.