thesixtyone – Pick of the Week

June 1, 2008

thesixtyone was a site that I had seen recommended a number of times, but each time I went to it, I didn’t understand it.  Finally after asking a friend who is a member what the deal was, I got it, and I got hooked.  The short description is that it is a site that makes a game out of finding new music.  With your account, you get points to bump songs.  As your bumped songs become more popular, you get more points to bump other songs.  You also get extra points for logging in each day and accomplishing goals like listening to 100 different songs.

Being a Web 2.0 site, of course there is the social aspect where you can keep track of how your friends are doing.  It also has a wonderful interface which allows you to listen to a track and still browse around other parts of the site.  The one drawback for some people is that it is primarily independent artists so you won’t find any top 40 music out there.  That being said, I have already found quite a few new artists that are good.  You can find my profile at if you sign up and want to make a quick friend.

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