Thinking of Hera

August 25, 2008

They say that writing helps people through difficult times, I thought I would give it a go. Many of you know that Rebekah and I have three cats, Purrball, Star and Hera. In the last week, Hera had a major change in personality for reasons yet unknown to us. The long and the short of it is, she now attacks the other two cats as if she does not know them with little to no provocation. She did this first Monday night and then again on Friday.  We have to keep her isolated, which causes her to cry throughout the night.  Because of this, we are boarding her until we can get into the vet this Tuesday. All of this information is purely factual, and some of you may say that all of this work is not worth it for a cat. I won’t argue that she is “just a cat, ” but the fact of the matter is, she is part of our family, and as our family will grow in March, it is difficult to possibly lose a member of that family now.

I want to describe Hera a little now to share with you some of what makes Rebekah and I happy every day.  Hera has more personality that Purrball and Star put together.  We love both Purrball and Star just as much as Hera, but I know that Rebekah and I could not handle three cats with as much personality as Hera.  In the morning when Rebekah eats breakfast, Hera hops up next to her to say and to try and sneak a bit of breakfast.  Hera doesn’t even like what Rebekah is having, she is just so curious to see what it is.  And that is Hera’s defining trait, curiousity, sometimes to the point of annoyance, but always to the smile of Rebekah or myself.  She has this amazing ability to make either of us smile, even in difficult times.  That is what makes not having her here so tough, she brings a joy to our lives that cannot be replaced easily.

We still don’t know what will happen with Hera.  Rebekah and I are hoping and praying she will be able to come home and go back to normal, that it is some goofy physical thing that can be fixed and next weekend I can write about how great it is.  If that isn’t the case though, I hope that others can think of Rebekah and me and of Hera too, that we call can find life just as joyous as we did two weeks ago.

Hera in the Fridge

Hera in the Fridge

You can click on the picture above to find all of the pictures on Flickr of Hera.

P.S. Sorry if this makes you cry Rebekah ☹️