TotalTunes Control – Pick of the Week

April 29, 2008

Update: At the time this was published, TotalTunes Control was free.  With their latest version, 2.2, they have decided to change it to shareware and charge 8 bucks for it.  I will leave it up to you decide if it is worth that or not.

I wanted to fully test this before making it my pick of the week, so that is the reason for the delay.  I lucked out because this program best defines the pick of the week in replacing two programs I had been using with one and still being free.  TotalTunes Control allows you to control iTunes from a smaller interface, but also does much more.  TotalTunes Control duplicates the YouControl Tunes interface of being able to control iTunes from the menu bar and duplicates the iScobbler client to post my songs to  Add to all this the ability to control iTunes through keyboard shortcuts from whatever program I am in, and you have a fantastic program.

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