TwitterFox – Pick of the Week

March 15, 2008

Being a web professional, I felt obligated to participate in one of the microblogging formats and even posted about which one to choose last December.  After tinkering around, I settled on Twitter.  The problem then came on how to stay up to date with Twitter.  I liked Twitterific, but I was disappointed in having to choose between purchasing the product or dealing with ads.  I was then more disappointed in that it kept pinging Twitter and causing problems for me last week.  At that point, I hunted around for a different option and found TwitterFox.

TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that provides nearly the same functionality of Twitterific, but in the browser.  This actually ends up working nicer because it automatically starts up when I open the browser and I don’t have to have a separate application on my computer.  You can paste in your current site using the link button, so if you want to spam Twitter with TCW, it makes it very easy.  If you use Twitte, this is a wonderful, free tool to keep up to date on what your friends are doing.

Also, if you want to follow my Twitter feed, you can find it at

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