Watina – Album of the Week

January 31, 2008

Due to the positive response the Pick of the Week has received, I have decided to also add an Album of the Week feature.  My plan is to do the pick on Friday/Saturdays and the albums on Wednesdays.  Also thanks to Shane for his recommendation to move the about text to the bottom of each post.

This week I want to expose an album that I found out about through the NPR podcast All Songs Considered.  Watina is an album by Andy Palacio of Balize.  Actually Andy passed away recently which is one of the reasons this album was mentioned on the show.  It is an unfortunate thing because Watina shows an amazing amount of skill and beauty.  Admittedly, I don’t understand the language being spoken but the meaning and feeling of each song comes through loud and clear through the use of the guitar and percussion.

If the prospect of listening to a foreign language album, I would recommend checking out Gaganbadiba (Take Advice) or Amunegu (In Times To Come) as they will give you a good sense of what the rest of the album is like.   The album is available through iTunes, Amazon or eMusic.

*Album of the Week is my way of highlighting albums both new and old that I think are worth checking out.  You can find an archive of services and software at http://www.marktopia.net/tag/aotw/. *