Weather Underground – Pick of the Week

February 18, 2008

A day late, but not a dollar short, this week’s pick is appropriate for the winter we have been having.  Weather Underground is an online weather service that has tons of information for weather buffs.  The basic (i.e. free) service gives you the normal forecast, radar, etc you would expect from a weather site.  It also has a fair number of ads, however something like AdBlock Plus should help out with that.

Weather Underground really shines in their pay service.  For 10 bucks a year, you get extended radar loops, no ads, severe weather alerts, daily emails, and a favorite cities list.  The radar itself is worth the 10 bucks for me since you can zoom in, loop for up to 4 hours and get lightning data.  This winter Weather Underground has been invaluable between the alerts and radar for all of the storms we have been receiving.  It is also great for the spring and summer as I am able to better track severe storms as they are headed our way.

As a weather fan, this web site has been getting my money for 4 years now and I will happily keep paying for it.  If you check out the site and like it, I do have a gift membership I can give out, so feel free to contact me through the comments and we can chat.

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