WordPress – Pick of the Week

April 5, 2008

Even though I am on vacation, I have postdated this entry as not to miss the Pick of the Week.  Luckily for you the reader, this is possible using said Pick of the Week.  WordPress has been my blogging software of choice for about 3 years now (with a slight interruption during the Drupal kick I had).  WordPress has both hosted and self maintained versions of their software that allows you to manage a blog through a web based interface.  I won’t go into all of the details as their web site does a better job of that.  What I want to comment on is the new version that came out this week.

Version 2.5 doesn’t change much for the end user, but it does make administration of your site much easier.  The admin panel is well organized now and little things with the Write section really make a difference.  You can also manage the design of your site easily, even editing the CSS if you have the permissions set correctly on the server.  If you are running a blog and looking for a new content management system, I would highly recommend WordPress.

Pick of the Week is my way of highlighting cool/new services and software on the web or the Mac. A few Windows applications might sneak in from time to time, but it will be rare. You can find an archive of services and software at http://www.marktopia.net/tag/potw/.