Catching Up

April 22, 2009

It has been just over 5 weeks since William was born and I realize there was a whole 2 blog posts in that time. Well, I figure it is time to start catching up with adding some content on here. I am planning on doing this three-fold. First, moving over the Guide to Soccer for Americans from hidden pages to posts. Second, catching up on Album of the Weeks (I need to figure out 6 albums to get caught up). Third, posting more about Will, which will be right now.

Basically there are three big things about Will:

  1. He is awesome. He amazes me every day with some little thing new. This is only going to get more and more as he continues developing. That being said, for now him looking at me and really focusing is super cool.
  2. He is awesome, but he doesn’t do much. He eats, poops and sleeps. A lot. This isn’t a huge surprise, but it does make me anxious for when he can start really interacting with us.
  3. Sleep has changed forever, and not for the better. I have changed my “goals” for sleeping each night to hoping that I can get at least one 3 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep. A month and a half ago, I would have clobbered someone who limited me to that much sleep. It is amazing how your body can adapt to such huge changes.

In addition, we do have plenty of photos of Will and are adding more all the time, so feel free to check them out.